A colour for every collection

Follow the trends, familiarize with the collection seasons,
procure new materials, test the yarns, prepare prototypes, propose applications, develop ideas thinking outside the box for the world of fashion and beyond.
All part of a day’s work because our experience in embroidering
is our contribution to the beauty of Made in Italy.

Our Company

Our Company is located in Curno, just outside Bergamo in northern Italy.
It was founded and then expanded in an area with a strong textile tradition, a long history of quality fabric production ranging from cotton through to linen with a high number of specialized fashion ateliers.

Embroidery on belts and ribbons

For new styling of existing products and to keep up to date with the latest trends, we have a range of proposals to embellish ribbons and belts with a continuous or placed design where you can let your creativity take over with a huge range of yarns, sequins, spangles and piping.

3D embroidery

The technique will depend on the effect you want to achieve. Padded embroidery, a name in relief or just some embossed details to enhance the design and move beyond a 2-dimensional effect.

Your idea, our experience

If you have a project of your own,
an idea you want to develop,
a request you want to check out with us.

Yarn in verse

Life is a tapestry
we weave day by day
with threads of different colours, some heavy and dark,
others thin and bright, all the threads having their uses.
- Isabel Allende

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Via Enrico Fermi, 52/F1
24035 Curno – BG – Italy

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